Strategic Influencer Marketing Agency

We have been specializing in influencer marketing since 2015, and for a few years now we have been placing strong emphasis on the development of strategic competences. We are thus a strategic influencer marketing agency now.

Influencer is not an idea – is our new claim representing our strategic approach to collaboration with creators. It is also an announcement of new marketing communication, which will expand the existing education of customers and business partners.

Our mission

Influencer is not an idea for a campaign.
Influencer is not a banner.
Influencer is not fashion.
Influencer is not about reach.
Influencer is not a matter of taste.

Influencer Marketing is a well-thought-out strategy and creation.
Influencer Marketing is about trust and conscious partnership.
Influencer Marketing is an engaged community and a lot of work.

Only then the influencer is not a tool, an idea or an advertising banner. Only then you have the influence. Influencer is not an Idea.

What has changed for us?

  • Strategic department

    For a long time, we have been focusing on the best people and developing strategic competences, which is why we have created a strategic department led by Ania Nadolińska – Marketing & Strategy Manager and Zuza Ledworowska – Business Development Manager. This change also involves expanding the competences of the entire team and increasing the service portfolio.

  • New agency positioning

    We have been specializing in influencer marketing since 2015 and stand out for our innovative and partnership approach to cooperation with influencers. For last few years, we have been placing strong emphasis on the development of strategic competences, so it is a natural step for us to change our positioning from an influencer marketing agency to the first strategic influencer marketing agency on the Polish market.

  • The Influencer is not an idea campaign

    The new chapter of our communication, “Influencer is not an idea”, is an extension of the existing education of clients and business partners, which include the best creative agencies in Poland. Thus, we want to start a discussion about the standards of collaboration with creators and a qualitative approach to influencer marketing.

  • Lettly Claim

    We illustrate our strategic approach to cooperation with creators with a new claim – Influencer is not an idea. It is also an announcement of our new marketing communication and our mission, which is to educate about what the work of influencers really looks like and to show the values that have always been in the Lettly’s DNA – trust and cooperation.

Let’s talk

Are you interested in our approach to influencer marketing? Do you want to talk about your brand’s influencer strategy? Or maybe you’re just looking for an inspiration? Write to us or arrange a short meeting.