Frequently asked questions

Your brand has a profile on Instagram? Your followers ask about the products in the picture? You have loads of likes under your pictures, but you do not know if they convert into purchases? Lettly enables you to link your Instagram activity with sales in your online shop.
You need to register for our Free Trial here. Authorize our app and fill in the registration form. In our panel you will see last 32 Instagram pictures (we don’t want you to get tired with tagging!). You can tag your pics now.
You can make your pictures shoppable through tagging. Click"Tag Instagram photos” in our admin panel, choose your latest picture and fill in the fields: Product name, Short description of what you’re selling, Link to product page and Action Button title that is visible in Mail-to-buy. If there are more products in the picture, repeat the process. Remember to tag photos immediately after you post them on Instagram. Our admin panel is fully responsive, so you may use your smartphone or tablet to tag the pictures.
You authorized our app and provided us with your Instagram data while registering in our system. We do not post anything on Instagram for you though. If you tagged all your pics, on the top tab in our admin panel you will see your shoppable link. Just edit your Account information on Instagram and paste it in URL section. It is the only clickable link in the whole App. We’re happy that you can use its potential in 100%.
Whenever you add a new photo it will appear in your Lettly admin panel. There is no limit on tagged photos. When you log in for the first time you will see your last 32 pictures.
Check if your account is public. We are not that powerful to upload pictures from private accounts.
Your followers may receive an email with info about the product they liked on your Instagram. They just need to connect their Instagram account with Lettly on your shoppable page. After they register, whenever they like a product pic on your Instagram they will get more information to their email. It’s a great way to get noticed even outside of Instagram!
You can use under White Label. We do not part with our brand that easily, though. Drop us a line at to get more information on how to do this.
The price of the plan depends on the numer of followers your profile has. You can choose a monhtly or a yearly plan.

Any more questions? Drop us a line at